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Those amazing companies are ready to welcome you @Groomania 2024


Platinum Sponsor World Team Championship


Living out our mission

Wahl Animal is a guided by the mission to keep animals healthy, happy and beautiful. To achieve this, we believe it's important to align ourselves with organizations who share the same values and beliefs. 

Golden Sponsor Groomania '24

Fraser Essentials

Fraser Essentials products make it easier to keep your dog clean, smelling lovely and simply making them fabulous

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Transgroom is the result of extensive expertise, enjoys a strong experience in the field of professional dog care and show events. Shop in confidence!


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The Sentinel 

The Sentinel grooming tools are specially designed for dogs with harsch coats, but not only that. They are of high quality, sturdy, and exclusive. They will enhance the quality of your grooming for show dogs and also in your grooming salon.

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Artero offers a wide selection of shampoos, conditioners, brushes, scissors, nail clippers, and more. All designed specifically for dogs and cats. 

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Do you dream of perfect cutting results - precise, fast and quiet? Would you like to give your customers an unforgettable cutting experience? Then Heiniger is the right place for you.

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The HYPONIC brand comes to you from Mr. Kang's passion and love to al the animals suffering in silence. Together with the highest quality ingredients and top of the line research, HYPONIC products hope to make a difference in the lives of all our furry loved ones. 

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Golden Sponsor Groomania '24

So Posh

At So Posh, we are dedicated to revolutionizing the grooming experience for professionals. Our mission is to make the lives of groomers easier with products that deliver incredible results faster. We prioritize safety and purity by using high-grade ingredients that minimize the risk of irritation for both dogs and groomers. With our unmatched results and ease of use, it's no wonder hundreds of groomers have made the switch to So Posh. Visit our stand at Groomania to see why we're the preferred choice for grooming excellence.


Golden Sponsor Groomania '24

IV San Bernard

Iv San Bernard Products Are An Exclusive Line Of Fine Italian Pet Spa Products.

Silver Sponsor Groomania '24


Adok is the only custom cosmetic system for dogs in the world.

They are cosmetics manufacturers in Italy: thanks to their unique system, it is possible customize the entire treatment  for each dog.


Silver Sponsor Groomania '24

 K9 Competitions

Coat care products of the best quality, produced and developed at our own facility in Sweden since 1993. 

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Bronze Sponsor Groomania '24


At Doglyness, we believe in the well-being of Mother Nature and respect all living beings. For Doglyness, effective natural dog products go hand in hand with respect for people, animals and nature. 



The Hot dog line

The hot dog line produces and supplies the best machines and accessories for grooming your dogs.

Thanks to the vast range of specialized products and services, we are able to satisfy the needs of the most expert professionals without neglecting the needs of those who share their spaces with a four-legged friend.

Our company guarantees all the quality of Made in Italy

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Colin Taylor

Colin Taylor Products brings you affordable grooming tools that help with everyday grooming. Come and say hello while testing out our many tools .




Utsumi scissors are renowned for their precision craftsmanship and exceptional quality, embodying the meticulous standards of Japanese manufacturing. Their mission is to provide professional groomers with tools that enhance accuracy and comfort, enabling the creation of beautiful, detailed grooming styles with ease

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Pet design



Paula Acco Scissors


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FLUIDOPET is a company specialized in phytocosmetics for grooming professionals, founded by the expert groomer Mario Cucciolito. Initially created to meet professional and personal needs, the company quickly gained appreciation from colleagues and clients worldwide.




Where animal welfare, sustainability, and ethics meet, suitable for both professional and home use. Discover our specially curated care products for your dog and cat, from our sustainable shampoos to our high-quality brushes.

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Sensei Netherlands

Sensei Nederland, trained by Sensei Shears in Pittsburg, California, uses a special machine for sharpening scissors. They participate in hair shows and grooming competitions worldwide to stay updated on the latest developments. .

Sensei Nederland sharpens all brands of scissors and offers clipper maintenance. As the service center for Europe and Asia, they are a crucial part of Sensei Shears.

Visit us at the Groomania stand for advice, a chat, or a hug.

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Espace DOG 

Espace Dog is a family-run business that was established in 2002, primarily out of a passion for animals. With many years of experience, we offer a range of products tailored to your needs.




groomerwerk® is the German manufacturer of the flexible length-adjustable GROOMERflex© holding straps for dogs.

The portfolio also includes unique cosmetic products like Dogmud - Hundemoor and the vegan washing soap - Hundefellseife®




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