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Yes, I want to compete @ GROOMANIA 

Groomania Competition Schedule 2024 

Friday 20 September 2024 

  • 8.30AM Pre-judging 

  • 9:00AM - 11:00AM Handstripping Open & Champion Class ​

    •                          Intermediate Class ( One class) 

    •                          Beginners Class ​

  • 11:30AM - 12:30 PM Judging & Nominations Finalists 

  • 1:30PM Pre-Judging 

  • 2:00PM - 4:30PM   Pure Breeds Open & Champion Class 

    •                         Mixed & Salon Class ( One Class) ​

    •                         Beginners Part 2 Free Workshop 

  • 5:30PM Presentation Of Prizes 

    • Beginnersclass / Intermediate / Mixed & Salon class ​

Side Note: Beginnersclass : If registrations for the beginner class exceed 40, we'll split it into two groups: Spaniels & Setters with handstripping, and another for poodles and pure breeds.

Saturday 21 September 2024 

  • 8.00AM Pre-judging 

  • 8:30AM - 11:00AM Spaniels & Setters Open & Champion Class ​

    •                          Asian Style Class ( One class) 

    •                          It Takes 2 to Groom (One Class)

    •        NEW.         Doodle Class ( One Class)             

  • 11:00AM - 12:00 PM Judging & Nominations Finalists 

  • 1:00PM Pre-Judging 

  • 1:30PM - 4:15PM   Standard Poodle Open & Champion Class 

    •                         Toy, miniature and medium Poodles Open & Champion Class 

  • 6:30PM Presentation Of Prizes 

    • Asian Style / It Takes 2 to Groom / Doodle Class 


    • Poodle Classes

    • Spaniels & Setters

    • Handstripping 

    • Pure breeds 

    • Best Handstripping by 'The Sentinel'

    • BestTeam

    • Richard Barker Tropy 

    • Beste All-Round Groomer

    • Best in Show

EGA Competition Rules for Groomania 2024

Judges Shedule 

Friday 20 September 2024 

  • Handstripping Open & Champion: Chiara Piccionetti, Luis Martin Del Rio, Michail Premtsis
    Intermediate: Barbara Prueckel, Farah Eggers, Irina Pinckusevich                                      
    Beginners: Denise Westbrook, Umberto Lehmann, Mathew Spry

  • Pure Breeds Open & Champion: Ann Martin, Barbara Prueckel, Michail Premtsis
    Mixed & Salon Class: Chiara Piccionetti, Luis Martin Del Rio, Umberto Lehmann ​
    Beginners Part 2 Free Workshop 

Saturday 21 September 2024 

  • Spaniels & Setters Open & Champion: Ann Martin, Chiara Piccionetti,Luis Martin Del Rio

      It Takes 2 to Groom: Denise Westbrook, Umberto Lehmann, Michail Premtsis

      Asian Style Class: Barbara Prueckel, Farah Eggers, Sandra Mularska

      Doodle Class: Barbara Prueckel,Farah Eggers, Sandra Mularska


  • Standard Poodle Open & Champion: Mathew Spry, Ann Martin, Barbara Prueckel

     Toy, miniature and medium Poodles Open & Champion: Denise Westbrook, Chiara Piccionetti,           Farah Eggers 

Judges + CV

Michail Premtsis 


Michail Premtsis is a professional Master groomer based in Thessaloniki, Greece. Since 2013 he has participated in numerous grooming competitions around Europe winning several golden medals and titles such a Best Greek groomer 2016 & 2017, Best International Groomer 2019 at the World Grooming Conference in the UK and he was the winner of the Oster European Invitational Tournament of Champions 2019. He was three times in a row, member of the Greek Grooming Team. He has hold seminars in many countries. Michail's best breeds are Scottish, Lakeland, Jack Russel, West Highland and Kerry Blue Terriers, He also breeds Scottish Terriers and presenting them at dog shows achieving more than 70 BIS placements

Ann Martin 

Martin Ann.JPG

Ann Martin is an award-winning, nationally certified master groomer, poodle breeder, and judge with a passion for animals that began in childhood. Raised in a family of dog and rabbit show enthusiasts, Ann began grooming at the tender age of 12, setting the foundation for a successful career in the pet grooming industry. 
At just 20 years old, Ann became a nationally certified master groomer through the National Dog Groomers Association of America (NDGAA), a distinction that set her apart from others in the industry. She has since served as a Certifier for the NDGAA for 27 years, helping to train and certify the next generation of master groomers. 
Ann’s competitive grooming career began in 1992 and quickly gained momentum. She joined Groom Team USA in 1993 and 1995, and won BIS at the World Competition in 1995. Her success continued with a win at the Oster World Invitational in 1998, and numerous Best in Show and Best All-Around awards, as well as Cardinal American Groomer of the Year. Alongside her grooming career, Ann has bred and shown standard poodles for 25 years, resulting in many champion animals. Her love for animals extends to a variety of species, including sheep, pigs, and rabbits, which she has raised and shown to high placements and championships. Ann even served as a 4-H Swine leader for 7 years. 
Beyond her animal-related pursuits, Ann is a mother of 6 boys, a Reiki Master Teacher, and an author and partner of the Mastery Grooming Series with Irina Pinkusevich. She also enjoys cooking and baking in her free time. With her impressive resume and dedication to animal welfare, Ann Martin is a true inspiration to pet grooming professionals everywhere. 

Lehmann Umberto


Umberto opened his first grooming salon in Milano in 1985 after having been in breeding, showing and training and started giving formation and specialization courses in his Grooming School getting more than 500 students. From 1985 to 2001, he won several gold and silver medals in USA, Europe and Canada in Poodle, Handstripping, Purebreds Scissoring and Spaniels. He was member of the Italian Team that got the third place in the World Team Championship in Intergroom USA 1996.  He was member of the European Team that got the second place in the 2001 World Team Championship in Canada. From 1989 until nowadays, Umberto has been judging in more than 400 International Grooming Competitions, gave grooming demonstrations in more than 450 seminars in 

USA, all over Europe, Ukraine, Russia, Taiwan, India, Brazil, Japan & China. He has received the Cardinal Crystal Grooming Achievement Award in 1987 as “InternationalGroomer of the year”. 

He has judged in four Oster Tournament of Champions, in 1997 in New York, in 1999 in France and 2005 in Germany. In 2008 in Las Vegas. He has been Oster Ambassador for Europe and Organizer of the “Oster European Tournament of Champions” until its cancellation. In 2018, he received the “Shirlee Kalstone Global Achievement” from the Groom Team USA “In recognition of exceptional effort in connecting grooming competitions and grooming educational programs internationally, and bringing the World Team Championship to Olympic proportions”. He also received two Lifetime Achievement awards from England (Liz Paul Award at Master Groom Show) and from Spain (at Artero Grand Slam). Umberto is President of the European Grooming Association (E.G.A.), organizer of the 

World Team Grooming Championship as well as the Individual European Grooming Championship and owner and organizer of the International Grooming competition “MilanGroom 

Martin Del Rio

Martin Del rio Luis 2023.jpg

Groomer, Handler & breeder, Luis is the second generation of his family in the dog world, his parents started in 1984 the Tajinastes kennel, breeding and showing miniature schnauzers. At the age of 14 he was already grooming dogs for their kennel and by the time he was 18, Luis became co-owner of the kennel During his competitive career in the dogs shows , his dog won over 250 titles in America, Africa, Asia & Europe. Luis had won multiply Golden medals in Handstripping, Scissoring and Spaniels & Setters Class . Best In Show awards all over the World. Luis is an EGA judge Since 2017 luis is the Artero's product manager in Barcelona, helping to develop en updating the products and Organizing Grooming competitions for the Artero company 

Sandra Mularska 


Sandra started her grooming career  in 2006 and since then she finished more than 30 seminars, workshops and advanced grooming courses all over the world, she improved her skills under very talented master groomers as Yulia Marenkowa Special One and Natasha Kolbe from Germany. 

Sandra is honoured to be a first Polish student who studied in China in famous Yin Lin Academy by Mavis Hao, she visited Chinese Academy twice graduated over there and passed her Master Asian Class and hold a Diploma in Master Asian Style. Since 2020 she was an iGROOM Cosmetics ambassador. 

Sandra used to live in Ireland for many years where she was running a Sandy’s Grooming Salon which has become a very well know established busy salon with clients travelling from different parts of Ireland. Last year she returned to her home country Poland where she opened another salon called „ Sandra Mularska Grooming Studio” Sandra is passionate about the art of Asian Fusion Style and she is a true pro in what she does. As well her biggest passion are her medium poodles. 

Over last years Sandra has held many seminars and trainings in Ireland, Poland, UK, Romania, Slovenia. As well she had a pleasure to be as quest judge on grooming competitions. She enjoys helping other groomers to improve their work by teaching them and providing lessons and courses.

Chiara Piccionetti 


Discover the journey of a grooming icon Chiara Piccionetti , beginning in 1998. Renowned for her international success, she has been a pivotal member of the Italian World Championship team, achieving top ranks in 2005 and 2007. Crowned as the Oster Europe Grand Champion in 2009 and EGA European vice-champion in 2004, her expertise has taken her around the globe, both as a celebrated speaker and a respected EGA Grooming judge. In 2022, she led the Italian team to vice-champion glory. A passionate ambassador for The Sentinel Belgium and co-creator of the charitable Romeo Grooming competition, she remains a vanguard in the grooming world. 

Denise Westbrook 


Since 2002 Denise has impressed us with her skills not just on her signature breed, the poodle, but her knowledge of all breeds.Dee has won many awards nation and international becoming the only groomer in the UK  to qualify to represent England in 3 out of the 4 categories to enter Groom Team England. 

Representing Groom Team England 2016/17  2018/19 and Captain of the 2023 team that placed a fabulous 1st place. 

Denise is the proud owner of Dee for Dogs Ltd ,training and educating groomers for the past 17 years. National and International Judge Denise certainly knows her grooming. 

Mathew Spry 


Mathew Spry, an acclaimed international groomer from Wales, U.K. Celebrated for his numerous global competition victories, Mathew has garnered prestigious awards like 1st Place in Asian Fusion and Poodle Classes at Groomania. His expertise extends to multiple Best in Show wins, especially in poodle grooming and hand-stripping terriers. Beyond competing, Mathew is a respected judge and seminar speaker at top events, including Groomania 2022. As a former Chairman of the British Dog Groomers Association and ambassador for Transgroom and The Sentinel, Mathew's contributions to the industry are immense. His accolades include nominations and wins in several top grooming awards, solidifying his status as a grooming icon. 

Prueckel Barbara


Barbara Prueckel is the owner of Doggie Style Salon in Calgary, Alberta, Canada since 1997. Canada’s first ‘invitation only’ grooming salon. 


 Some of Barb’s accomplishments include several Gold and Silver medals, Best in show and Best all-around groomer awards at prestigious grooming contests, both in Canada and Internationally such as Intergroom’s International Groomer of the Year, the winner of The World Poodle Tournament in Las Vegas for three years in a row and a gold medalist with her Bichon at the World Grooming Contest in Spain. 

Barkleigh Honours ‘Judge of the Year’ in 2015. 


Barb was a proud member of Groom Team Canada for 12 years, and the captain for 8 years. 

She has been on the European Grooming Association’s judges list since 2004, fortunate to judge beautiful work overseas for almost 20 years including the World Dog Grooming Championships twice. 

She also has been a proud member of the ‘Wahl Extreme Stylist Team’ in Canada for 22 years.  

She has had the pleasure of speaking and judging in many countries including Brazil, England, India, Italy, Spain, Germany, Columbia, France, Netherlands, Ireland, Australia, Belgium, Taiwan, Japan, Canada and the United States. 


Her specialty is motivational speaking for her fellow pet stylists. She has given her ‘Ignite Your Passion, Unleash your Potential’ seminar in 7 different countries, helping her colleagues with their self esteem, grooming skills and growing successful businesses.  


Barb and her husband Mark produced Mastergroom Canada, the largest and most prestigious grooming show in the country for 5 consecutive years in Calgary, Alberta.  


As a proud ambassador for Melanie Newman Salon Essentials, she has found an excitement for educating groomers and pet parents worldwide on the benefits of proper skin and coat management with a product everyone can feel good about using on their pets. She is looking forward to many years of working with such an outstanding company in the industry. 

Farah Eggers 

Eggers Farah.jpg

Since over 17 years Farah is working as a groomer and trainer in a successful grooming salon in  Germany.  In 2019 she opened her own grooming school "Grooming-Point" with seminars and workshops for beginners up to professionals. Together with her mother she is breeding black medium and dwarf poodles under the kennel name "Candlewood's". As groomer and handler of her own poodles and also other breeds, Farah had lot of wins up to Best in Show at dog shows. Then she started successfully with grooming competitions and won multiple gold, silver and bronze medals in Poodle and Cocker & Spaniel classes. Best in Show and Best German all round Groomer awards in many different countries of Europe. She was member of the German Team participating in the World Championship from 2015 to 2021. In 2019 she was awarded Best German Groomer for Poodle. Since two years she is grooming also the Asian-Style and gets more and more interested. In 2023 Farah was some weeks in a very famous school in China to learn perfectly the Asian-Style in all details. 

Kitty Dekeersgieter 

Scherm­afbeelding 2024-04-20 om 11.15.21.png

Kitty's career is nothing short of remarkable. From a young age, Kitty's remarkable passion for dogs ignited her journey in the grooming industry. As a skilled handler, she showed dogs at various prestigious dog shows worldwide. Her expertise and unwavering dedication have led to the successful preparation and presentation of numerous champion dogs in conformation shows across the globe. Since then shehas since become a world-renowned professional groomer. Her expertise and experience have been recognized with multiple awards, including the prestigious title of "World Champion Poodle Groomer" and the Cardinal Crystal Achievement Award for "International Groomer Of The Year."

Kitty's dedication to the grooming industry doesn't stop there. She is an international grooming contest judge, board member of the European Grooming Association, grooming speaker and demonstrator, and has led seminars all around the world to educate groomers and promote the industry. She even has her own YouTube channel, where she shares her extensive professional knowledge with dog lovers worldwide.

Together with her husband Darren Cooke, Kitty co-founded Transgroom, a global wholesale and mail-order company specializing in specialist, professional grooming products. Kitty plays a key role as the product designer, utilizing her extensive experience and expertise to develop new and innovative grooming products for Transgroom's own brands. With 13 brands representing a wide range of 2,500 products, Kitty's designs have made a significant impact in the industry.

Finally, Kitty is the founder and co-organizer of the world-famous exclusive Groomania grooming event held annually in Belgium. This event brings together dog Groomers and professionals from all over the world to learn and connect with like-minded individuals.

Kitty's passion for dogs, extensive knowledge, and dedication to the grooming industry make her an invaluable asset to anyone interested in this field. With her genuine love for dogs, Kitty creates a nurturing environment where pets feel safe and at ease. Her expertise and innovative products will undoubtedly help you improve your grooming skills and take your business to the next level. So don't miss out on the opportunity to learn from one of the best in the industry - connect with Kitty today!

Diaz Emilia


Emilia Díaz, a distinguished International Dog Grooming Judge from Spain, excels in her roles as an organizer and judge at international championships. She is a founding council member of the European Grooming Association and acts as a certifier for Latin America. Additionally, Emilia serves as the President of the Spanish Association of Dog Groomers and is a valued member of the National Institute of Qualifications' expert committee in Spain. Her leadership and expertise continue to influence grooming standards across the globe. Emilia is a board member of the EGA, a brand ambassador for The Sentinel & Oster International , Co-founder of Luxopet and CEO of the International Grooming Academy in Spain, she had trained more then 12000 students. 

Bathing Area

We're excited to welcome all competitors to Groomania, and we want to make sure you and your dogs have the best experience possible. While we don't offer specific timeframes to wash your dogs in the bathroom, we want to assure you that the bathrooms will be available for everyone to use on a first-come, first-served basis. We believe in giving everyone equal opportunities, and we don't want to create any exclusivity by offering reservations.

That being said, we kindly ask that all competitors respect each other's time and space in the bathroom area. We understand how important the competition is to everyone, but we also want to make sure that everyone has a positive and stress-free experience. Please be mindful of your fellow competitors and avoid taking up unnecessary time or space. Let's work together to make Groomania a success for everyone involved!

The bathroom is open Friday & Saturday from 7am till 6pm and on Sunday from 7am till 5pm

Bathing Area sponsors

Thanks to our sponsors the Groomania bathing area can provide our competitors the opportunity to prepare their dogs with the best Equipment possible. 

Thank you Groom-X & ShowTech+ 


Renting Dogs

We understand that some competitors may be traveling from far away and may not be able to bring their own dogs to the competition. That's why we've created a Facebook Groomania Rental Dog Group to connect competitors in need of a rental dog with dog breeders & owners who have dogs available to rent.

If you're a competitor in need of a rental dog, please visit our Facebook Rental Dog Group to post your requirements and connect with potential dog breeders & owners. Simply search for 'Groomania Rental Dog Group' on Facebook, and request to join the group. Once approved, post a message with your requirements, including the dates you'll need the dog, the competition class, the breed and size of the dog you're looking for, and any specific grooming requirements.

We ask that all communication regarding the rental dog is done through private message to protect the privacy of both parties. Additionally, we advise that all rental agreements are made in writing and agreed upon by both parties before the competition.

Thank you for participating in Groomania, and we hope that the Facebook Rental Dog Group will make the rental process easier for everyone involved. If you have any further question , don't hesitate to reach out for us . 

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