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EGA Competition Rules

Judges + CV

Carluccio Massimiliano

Carluccio Massilmiliano-2023.jpg

Massimiliano Carluccio, was born and raised within the world of grooming. He started working in the family salon in 2008 immediately preparing dogs for dog shows, with national, international and world champions.

Galharde William

Galharde william .jpg

William Galharde is one of the most renowned and reputable professionals of animal aesthetics due to his work and passion for animals.

Lehmann Umberto

Lehmann Umberto 2022 jpg.jpg

Umberto opened his grooming salon in Milano in 1980, after breeding, showing and training. In 1985 he started giving formation and specialization courses in his grooming school.

Martin Del Rio

Martin Del rio Luis 2023.jpg

Groomer, Handler & breeder, Luis is the second generation of his family in the dog world, his parents started in 1984 the Tajinastes kennel, breeding and showing miniature schnauzers.

Taylor Colin

Taylor Colin 2022_edited.jpg

International dog grooming legend Colin Taylor is the first to admit grooming man’s best friend is no walk in the park. “To be a good pet stylist you first have to have respect for dogs and secondly, you have to be able to handle them well.”

Coton Valerie

Coton Valerie.JPG

Valerie Coton embarked on her journey in the animal care industry in 1994 at the age of 15. Over the course of four years, she gained diverse experience working with aquariums, reptiles, breeding, and training.

Kolbe Natascha

Kolbe Natascha.JPG

Natascha Kolbe has over 28 years of experience in the poodle breeding industry, she has established herself as an expert in the field.

Marenkova Yulia

Marenkova Yulia.JPG

Yulia began her self-taught groomer career when she was 14, thanks to the arrival of a Kerry Blue Terrier into her family. In 2003 she starts her successful competing carreer in Italy.

Prueckel Barbara

Prueckel barbara-2023.jpg

Barb is the owner of Doggie Style Salon in Calgary, Alberta, Canada since 1997. Canada’s first ‘invitation only’ grooming salon.

Vervaecke Melanie

Vervaecke Melanie 2022.jpg

Melanie Vervaeke started her training at the age of 15 at Salon Kitty, which was founded and run by Kitty Dekeersgieter. Only two years later, she got the opportunity to take over the business, an opportunity she seized with both hands.

Sarah Odette Genova

Genova sarah odette-2023.jpg

Sarah started her grooming career in 2013 by winning the title of "Best Young Groomer" at the "Master Show" in Italy. In 2017 she won several gold, silver and bronze medals and also a BIS at the "Mediterranean Cup" with an English Cocker.

Bathing Area

We're excited to welcome all competitors to Groomania, and we want to make sure you and your dogs have the best experience possible. While we don't offer specific timeframes to wash your dogs in the bathroom, we want to assure you that the bathrooms will be available for everyone to use on a first-come, first-served basis. We believe in giving everyone equal opportunities, and we don't want to create any exclusivity by offering reservations.

That being said, we kindly ask that all competitors respect each other's time and space in the bathroom area. We understand how important the competition is to everyone, but we also want to make sure that everyone has a positive and stress-free experience. Please be mindful of your fellow competitors and avoid taking up unnecessary time or space. Let's work together to make Groomania a success for everyone involved!

The bathroom is open from Saturday 7am till 6pm and on sunday from 7am till 5pm

Bathing Area sponsors

Thanks to our sponsors the Groomania bathing area can provide our competitors the opportunity to prepare their dogs with the best Equipment possible. 

Thank you Groom-X & ShowTech+ 


Renting Dogs

We understand that some competitors may be traveling from far away and may not be able to bring their own dogs to the competition. That's why we've created a Facebook Groomania Rental Dog Group to connect competitors in need of a rental dog with dog breeders & owners who have dogs available to rent.

If you're a competitor in need of a rental dog, please visit our Facebook Rental Dog Group to post your requirements and connect with potential dog breeders & owners. Simply search for 'Groomania Rental Dog Group' on Facebook, and request to join the group. Once approved, post a message with your requirements, including the dates you'll need the dog, the competition class, the breed and size of the dog you're looking for, and any specific grooming requirements.

We ask that all communication regarding the rental dog is done through private message to protect the privacy of both parties. Additionally, we advise that all rental agreements are made in writing and agreed upon by both parties before the competition.

Thank you for participating in Groomania, and we hope that the Facebook Rental Dog Group will make the rental process easier for everyone involved. If you have any further question , don't hesitate to reach out for us . 

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